05 JanHow to Blog With Teenagers

Clory and Lory

The majority of Daddy and Mommy blogs I see are by new parents or the parents of young children. This is understandable. There are few things more exciting and life changing than becoming a first-time father. And then raising young children? The do such cute things. They say such cute things. They hold your hand […]

About Tory C Anderson

Tory C Anderson is the father and Dad of eight children. He has been employed in telecommunication and computer technology for 25 years. Like most men, Tory has many plans for his life, but he has found that his family has been taking up most of the space. He feels no regrets. Tory's latest Young Adult novel, Joey and the Magic Map is out. You can read more about it here: http://www.ToryCAnderson.com

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