09 AprThe Crucible: A Family Experience

Many, many years ago while I was in college, I discovered Arthur Miller. I read Death of a Salesman for a theater history class.  It moved me deeply. I heard about one of his other plays, The Crucible, and decided that I wanted to see it performed. Thirty years passed before an opportunity arrived. BYU, […]

About Tory C Anderson

Tory C Anderson is the father and Dad of eight children. He has been employed in telecommunication and computer technology for 25 years. Like most men, Tory has many plans for his life, but he has found that his family has been taking up most of the space. He feels no regrets. Tory's latest Young Adult novel, Joey and the Magic Map is out. You can read more about it here: http://www.ToryCAnderson.com

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