is a blog site for those who want to explore “the quality of dadness.” On this site you will read experiences of dads who, in spite of being one, are still trying to discover what “Dad” is. You will read the experiences of men and women striving to define what their dads were to them. You will find experiences here that are humorous, happy, sad, but hopefully all of them will be useful in some way in helping you be a good dad or in helping you understand the dad you have.

 How Do We Discover Dadacity?

Through stories. The quality of dadness cannot be got at directly. Dads just exist just like, say, a leaf blowing in the wind. Try to define that leaf blowing in the wind directly and you will create something didactic and uninteresting. Define that leaf blowing in the wind by telling a story about it and you will create an understanding of the subject greater than the sum of the leaf and the wind. Defining dadacity is the same thing. Define dadacity directly and you might come up with one of those alphabet definitions, “D — Darn hard worker. A — Always there for me” and so on. Those are nice thoughts, but void of an real understanding of dadness. On the other hand, tell a story about the first time  you thought you had lost a child, or tell a story about your daughter’s first date, or tell a story about the time you argued with your wife and brought your kids to tears, or about . . . you get the picture? These stories of the quality of dadness are what is all about.


About Tory C Anderson

Tory C Anderson is the father and Dad of eight children. He has been employed in telecommunication and computer technology for 25 years. Like most men, Tory has many plans for his life, but he has found that his family has been taking up most of the space. He feels no regrets. Tory's latest Young Adult novel, Joey and the Magic Map is out. You can read more about it here: