17 JulJournaling You Children: Life Is Found in the Trivialities


I hang to the belief that life is found in the trivial moments. I’ve try to capture those moments with my children.

September 20, 1992

Yesterday we went for a picnic up American Fork Canyon.  We found a little place next to the river (creek) under the trees and ate tuna fish sandwiches, chips and dip, and cookies.  The trees kept dropping leaves on you and that made you mad.  You told them to stop it.  A colorful caterpillar working its way across the ground fascinated you and the other kids.

After we ate we went exploring.  There was a small log that had fallen across the river and you crossed while hanging onto my hand.  I thought that was pretty brave of you.

A couple weeks ago you had a runny nose and brought me some toilet paper so I could help you blow your nose.  Usually you bring one square which isn’t enough for the amount of snot you always have.  This time you came to the kitchen (which is where I was) trailing twenty-five feet of toilet paper behind you.  You pulled the toilet paper by sticking one end in the snot under your nose and dragging the rest.  You always do that.

We went to the library a week ago.  After we got out of the car you informed me you didn’t have your shoes on, but you did have them in your hand.  We sat down in the middle of the parking lot and put them on.  For some reason I remember that very clearly.  It’s times like those when life is the realest.

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